Friday, March 26, 2010

Today at school

The last three days, basketball tryouts have been happening. The coach posted the teams(boys and girls) on the sports board. When I looked at the board, my name wasn't on the paper. For a few hours, I was heartbroken. I tried so hard, yet it was for nothing(or so I thought). Then, at Gym, our coach pulled me over and said that I could go to practices and play if someone wasn't there(or take their place). So, that's not as good as being able to play all the the time, but at least I got to do something on the team rather then not being able to do anything, like the twenty people who didn't get to go on the team. So, my first practice is on Tuesday after school, and then on Wednesday. Thanks for listening to this post! See you later! Wait! You know how on my first post, I said that I brag a lot? Well, there you go. Another brag. Bye!!

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  1. hey dain i think that if adam's sick and you took hes spot on the team you would be really helpfull piece see you at school.