Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hi, Everybody! I have a very important question for you to all answer. I would like you to send an opinion to me if you even have an answer. You know how billions of dollars every year are spent for exploring space? Well, if you had all that money, would you spend it for exploring space, or to help save the planet? I hope you know what "save the planet" means. It means spending all that money on helping homeless people, or creating a device that can help with pollution, or even giving lots of food to poor people? Did you know that in some countries, people are infected with leprosy, and ONE SINGLE PILL can save those people with leprosy, but their too poor to even have the pill? What if, with all that money, we could find a cure for cancer? See what I'm saying? Why spend all that money on exploring space if you could help our planet, and the people on it? Of course, there is the fact that if we didn't have astronauts go and explore space, we wouldn't have frozen or canned food, smoke detectors, scratch resistant glass or eye glasses, and all that other stuff that was made just for space exploring. We wouldn't have those things if space wasn't explored. Anyway, thanks for reading this very long question that all you peoples have to answer! Bye now!

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