Tuesday, March 23, 2010

School is Annoying

Sometimes school is really annoying. Most of the classes at Putman I like, but then, some of them are a little shaky. An example: math class. Math class is one of my least favorite classes. One of the reasons is, well, the teacher is really nice and all, but he doesn't teach very well. Another class that isn't one of my favorites is health. The teacher is good and everything, but it's just kind of a boring subject for me. Art isn't really one of my favorites either. The only thing that really gets my attention really well is sketching. I can't sketch very well, but I like doing it a lot. Drama class is kind of neutral with me. I like acting and all that fun stuff, but having to memorize things just isn't cool for me. I can memorize, I just don't like it. I like music, and I hate music. I hate having to deal with all those music sheets that I have to do, but I love playing the recorder. We can only play the recorder in sixth grade, not any other instruments, but next year we get to play whatever we want. I am so doing percussion. I just love drumming so much. I even have a mini drum set that I got for Christmas. Anyway, off the subject of music, and on to something else. For English, we have a really mean teacher, but the subjects' cool. It's fun what we get to do in English. Sometimes just get to sit at our desks comfortably and read. We also go to the library a lot. Gym is my number one favorite subject. You would probably guess that since I'm a boy in sixth grade. My second favorite subject is French. I'm in french immersion, so French is really fun for me. Anyway, that's pretty much all that happens at my school. Except the two recesses that we have. And the one hour of lunch that we have each and every day. Well, that's about it for this post! See you later!


  1. I expect all As this term, Dain. :o)

  2. hey me it's almost the same it's just that math holly it's the booooorigies of all and the teacher i hate almost as much as i hate Rebeya and if you don't agree i no your lieing.Gym how can you not hate ms kiby like she pisses me of every day it's not my fault i'm as stong as mistre burger he's in world record book me i'm just a kid.I don't think you would like if i sword in this comment but if you didn't care ther would be a swar word after every time i said ms kirby and what the hell is up with her name ms kirbyis name of a game like was her dad the inventer of that game or just a game freak i would never name a baby that stupid name that like naming a boy mario i'am sorry to said that to the peaple that has those name i just say mean thing when i'm pissed and that's all oh yeah i'm sorry for writing so much i dont usaly write that much but when i do i cant stop writing and i just keepon writing on and on and on opps i'm doing it again so piece and i'm youness zia see at school.