Monday, March 22, 2010

My very first blog post

Hello, this is my very first blog post, so don't laugh at me. I'm thirteen years old, not twenty years old, so don't laugh at me because of that either. In fact, don't laugh at me at all. You can laugh at my posts all you want, but don't laugh at at ME PERSONALLY. As in the actual person. So, I kind of don't know what to say, since this is my first time doing this. But, I guess I'll just bring up any old subject. Let's start with my family. No, I'm not going to say the real names of my family, since that's kind of dangerous. Anyway, I have a really annoying sister, Sandy, who's fifteen; a mom, Barbara; a dad, Davy; a dog, Gryphon; a guinea pig, Mo; and another guinea pig, Furry. We're all one happy family. We did have another guinea pig named Cuddles, but she passed away some two years ago. Anyway, that's the end of my first superb blog post. I'll see you all soon!!!!!! ( You all being all of you followers who like me so much )

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